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Secure Your Site with WordPress Website Security Tips

Make your brand new WordPress website secure appropriate from the primary day with these quick and easy WordPress website security tips.
WordPress Website Security

Secure Your Site with WordPress Website Security Tips

All sites are assailable. No matter how much work you’ve put into launching your site, it can always find itself in harm’s way, even though you might have nothing wrong. This is what how the internet works and how random attacks are carried out. Most of the threats can be prevented if you aware about the word press tips and implement on that. There are few things you should put on the list when it comes to doing a routine check. Assess these steps once a month or so should be enough to keep you safe. Have a look on some simple wordpress security tips:


  • Keep wordpress up-to-date


With any new release, WordPress and its security get improved. When new version come lots of bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed every time. Also, if any particularly spiteful bug gets discovered, the Word press core guys will take care of it right away, and force a new safe version promptly. You will be at risk, if you don’t update. For update whenever you login to the dashboard and see that “Update available” banner, click it and update your site.


  • Keep plugins and theme up to date


Just as you update the WordPress Core regularly, you should also update plugins and themes. You should update your current theme and plugins you have installed on your site. This helps you avoid vulnerabilities, bugs, and potential security breaking points.


  • Delete any plugins or theme you’re not using


If you are not using a theme or a plugin any longer, it is a god idea to have it deleted. Hackers cannot deal the sites which don’t contain code.


  • Only download plugins and themes from well-known sources


It is always best way for you to get your plugins and theme from sources that can be trusted. The attractive thing is free themes and plugin. If you want a premium theme or plugin, you only download them from reputable sources like Theme forest or from a highly respected developer’s website.


  • Change your password often (and make it good)


The passwords should be strong. Although, many malware programs that run automatically trying to guess passwords and break into WordPress sites. So, it’s better to be safe.


  • Do not leave the WordPress admin login to the default one


Do not leave the WordPress admin login by default: wp-admin, wp-login.php, etc. Try to change the password to an unusual or a less common one. This makes the website more secure and we need to use a number of plugins for better performance of their site and therefore these security tips are essential.


  • Back up your site regularly


Back up your site is about creating copy of all the site’s data and storing it somewhere safe. You can restore the data from the site that backup copy in case anything bad happens. There are many readymade plugins available which is helpful to you do this job. So it is better than the trouble that is taken to rebuild the website.


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