Delivery Apps

Technology to allow for deliveries to be carried out with ease. As well as, simplifying the pharmacist’s daily tasks with unbounded portal to accessible database.

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Medicine Delivery apps
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Build your dream medical app with our advanced healthcare technology

Our medicine delivery app is a web and mobile based system that manages the medicine delivery to patient from pharmacies or medical center. Medicine delivery app, is a comprehensive and integrated medicine tool to manage delivery to patient. We offer our well-designed and fully-featured Medicine Delivery app. Whether you are a doctor or a manager in a healthcare centre, you can contact us for more details about the complete system. We serve globally and are happy to serve you.

Online Payment

Paying online should also be a part of most health apps. As patients have to pay for medical services or insurance in many instances.

Online Consultation

With Online Consultations, patients can consult a doctor online and get the medical assistance that he needs at his own comfort and convenience.

Medicine Reminders

Reminds you of your upcoming appointments and improve the bottom line by reducing missed appointments.

Online Access to Reports

Check and view lab results, examine statements, and prescriptions. You can access them whenever you need them.

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Features that you need

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Live Tracking

Deliveries are carried out24/7. As well as a real-time tracking from the pharmacy to the Pt’s home.

User Friendly

Our application is very easy to use and will have video tutorials available to help you navigate throughout the app.

App Development

Updates will be made further down the road to allow for more patient interaction.

Accessible Database

Delivery will be saved on and admin panel and can be quired. All the information will be available (Driver name, Driver and Pt signature, Time stamp of the delivery all at your fingertips


We will have an open line to accept any calls or emails for any support needed, helping you innovate your business every step of the way.

Payment Biweekly

Pharmacist will be paying for the deliveries biweekly, and drivers will get paid biweekly as well.