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Rules For Mobile App Designing That Maximize Profit

Mobile App Designing

Rules For Mobile App Designing That Maximize Profit

Mobile apps are gaining popularity among businesses, irrespective of their size or industry of operation. While previously businesses preferred having a mobile optimized website, these days the trend has shifted towards getting their own mobile app development. And not without benefits, various studies show that iPhone app Development Company have helped businesses in gaining more recognition and adding more customers to their loyalty lists.


To maximize your profits, your app’s design needs to be efficient in conveying your business goals. Here, in the order of things, UX comes first. Since the aim of UX is to design apps with a human-first approach – the apps are enhanced to provide customer satisfaction by improving critical areas such as usability, ease of operation and pleasure customer experiences while using them. The job of UI designers is to then wrap up the app’s UX design in an appealing color and animation package to make it appealing to the end-users.


The secret to success understands the need of the users. Go for expanded research to get the idea for needs and problems of your targeted users. A well developed and decorated app interface can drive user engagements and lower your churn rates significantly.


Rules of Design:


Take care of screen size

Phone screens are big today, so designers should consider how people hold their phones and according to that make a good disposal of all primary navigation buttons. It needs to be comfortable for user’s thumbs, to give you a thumb up.


Fun, fun & more fun

Who doesn’t like fun? We all do! If you are working on a mobile app, to make it fun include cool buttons, fonts, textures and 3D effects and wrap it all up in beautiful colors with solid disposal of elements. When picking a color, go for something soft with smooth contrasts and diffuse the background. Minimalism in colors is a trend now. Use more moving elements. Set free your imagination, people will love it! Options are numerous. But, don’t get too excited and overdo it, you still need to keep in mind the rule about simplicity.


Finger friendly design

People with fat fingers get irritated when the app does not respond well with their thumb impression. It should always make sure that the mobile app buttons should be finger friendly. They should have enough space for users to tap on them.


Knowing the users

The interface is how you truly connect with users. Ignoring it means you’re ignoring that connection. Instead, focusing on who will use your app, focus on how they’ll use it. Build the interface with those ideal users in mind.


Integrate familiar design elements with new ones

It beneficial to study the design of the best apps in the market and find the common design pattern in them such as slide out menu bar, toolbars or buttons at the top of the page etc. there are many features that together make an app, great.

The combination of familiar design pattern will give freshness to the mobile app designing as well as give users better control.



The world is going mobile with millions of smart phones launched every day. Hence, some mobile apps are also growing incredibly. If you want to make users choose your app instead of any other, a lot of hard work will need to be invested. A good designer costs, but that is definitely not the time for compromise. A well-designed product is half of a path to success. The second half will go easier if the first-half is secured.