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Long Tail Keywords: Generate More Traffic on Your Website

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords: Generate More Traffic on Your Website

Keywords are the basic elements of every Search Engine Optimization, SEO. They determine what the results of your research will be. Before conducting any research, it is important to pay a closer look at the keyword you decide to use. Use keywords that are relevant and have high search volume as well to increase traffic. Many marketers and business organizations are now adopting the use of long tail keywords. It is widely agreed that long tail keyword research have high traffic.


Long-tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that specifically serve searcher intent. These keywords have low search volume, low competition, and typically have high conversion rates.


How to use long tail keywords in URL


There are several ways to understand which keywords are mostly used by people. One of the most popular sources for this data is Google Keyword Planner. The great source of the long tail keywords is Google search suggest.


Long tail keywords tool is the best instrument for long tail keyword research


Use SEO tools to search long tail keywords because it generates only real keywords that are obtained from Google search suggestions in the real-time. When you search on Google for keywords, you see the result is limited, Keyword Tool on another hand will pull for you up to twenty keywords for a search term on Google.


There are different benefits to targeting Long Tail Keywords:


Less Competition:


Long-tail keywords are specific to your business and your niche, and as a result search volume is low.


Better conversion rates:


Many people who searches for long tail keywords tend to look for a specific product. Such people have already spent some time doing research hence narrowing down to their specific item. And this case because searchers are still in research mode, most of them still not certain on what they want. Referring to our initial example of software, a person searching for software may not be sure which type of software does he want, whereas a person searching for business accounting software for small businesses is sure of what he wants, and that increases the conversion rate.


Understand Your Target Audience:


Another important aspect of using long tail keywords is that it helps you in connecting with your audience. Writing a high quality, useful content will definitely gain traction in search engines. Long tail keywords give a better gives better idea to the type of content you provided. The type of audience flocking our website will already have an idea as to what you offer.


Less expensive:


Due to less competition, fewer people are bidding on them hence cheap. And is it cost-saving to go for long tail keywords which are quite cheaper but still profitable as well since most people visiting your website are most likely to buy your products.

So if you have a new website and want to get organic traffic, shake hands with long tail keywords.