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Industries We Served

We offer our best in lending a helping hand to businesses.

Scientific Web Solution offers a range of innovative business solutions help you to solve your complex industry challenges. The exponential growth of online media users and online newspaper apps have challenged the business revenues of the print industry. In an increasingly globalised culture, media need to be digitised. For over 11 years we’ve specialised in accelerating publishers through the transition to produce powerful online media businesses that build relevance in the eyes of their audiences and new revenue streams from their advertisers. There is a range of strategy solutions as well as the training program for their teams. Among the most popular strategy solutions are:



Marketing & Sales

Media and Entertainment

Shipping and Logistics

Information Technology / IT / Computer related

Consulting and Professional Services

Gem & Jewelry Industries

Medicare and Educare

Healthcare Industry

We programmed websites and apps for businesses like hotels, restaurants, job consultants, real estate company, Non-government organizations, Corporate gifting company, Chartered accountants, Doctors, Musicians, event management company, taxi service company, Furniture store, diamond and jewelry, apartment booking/rental company, education institutes, storage company, Financial and investment companies, construction business, Transportation, Boat,  Travelling, Entertainment and amusement and what not!