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Case Study

We believe leads are worth pursuing for.

Let say, “ABC” is an eCommerce site that serves as an attractive medium for the customers to buy wheel repairing machines with other accessories that are related to products on the website by paying the amount through PayPal payment options. Customer can register over the website and then search for the product using the search bar and enter the keywords and related terms into the bar. This will bring out a list of the products as per the criteria defined by the particular user. From there, a user can choose the product, check its description, and can add it to the cart. One can also add multiple products and purchase them at once.

Payment Gateway for E-Commerce

Different payment gateways have been integrated to accept the payment. We designed the pages for proposed website and a logo as well as promotional video provided by the clients to the homepage of the website. We integrated the Woo Commerce plugin over the site. Paypal payment gateway is also integrated on the site to help the customers pay their respective amount for particular products mentioned on the website.

Why they choose us?

ABC chose Scientific Webs due to our extensive experience in the web marketing world, mobile app development and other sorts of application development which makes us better than others.

What we served them with?

The motive of the proposed web solution was to purchase products from anywhere, from any device by easily searching the respective products and entering relevant terms. The payment could be made through the integrated payment gateway on the website and the website was also capable of navigating.

Scientific Webs continues to provide expertise and services in support of ABC’s ongoing program of website development.