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Taxi Booking Application

Mapping the world with secure and reliable Taxi Booking App

Interactive Map

All the nearby taxi drivers are displayed on the map with their real-time locations.

Push Notification

User gets push notifications when driver accepts the trip and when he is nearby location

Taxi Tracking

User can track their requested driver real-time location and check estimated arrival time.

Taxi Information

After the booking confirmation, passenger is provided with the driver and vehicle information.

GPS Pick-up

With the active GPS, the application itself pins the pickup location, the user doesn't need to write.

Ride History

The passenger is provided with the complete record of their previous trips through the registered account.

Application Wallet

The passenger are provided with the option of online payment through dedicated wallet

Secret Coupons

According to the frequency of trips the passenger accounts are provided with secret discount coupons.


Advantages of Taxi Booking App

Making the Taxi Booking Simpler and Speedier

With taxi booking application, it brings an end of an era where one need to call the cab driver and ask for booking. Taxi booking application comes with a great user interface, along with ease of booking, digital payment options, and lower rates. Key benefits of taxi booking application are:

  • Reduced response times for customers permitting drivers for street pickups on their way
  • Let passengers pick the vehicle in their budget with trip estimate provided before ride
  • Host wallet option for drivers and passengers for easy checkout and secure payments
  • Provide a superior service enabling booking possibility for immediate and later needs
  • Execute proactive monitoring with accurate status updates in real time


Functionalities of the Application



  • Passenger Registration and Login
  • Use your GPS to select the pickup address
  • The application pickups the nearest taxi
  • Request for the ride
  • Option for booking cancellation
  • Track the driver, after the confirmation
  • Driver details and contact details after confirmation
  • View past Ride History




  • Login to Application
  • Look for new user ride request
  • Receive notification when user request for ride
  • Accept/Cancel ride request
  • Change status online / offline – to appear on passenger map
  • View past rides history

Web Admin Panel


A web-based admin manages users and drivers. By using the administration panel, admin can:


  • Register new drivers/taxis
  • Real time track drivers location
  • View complete information of registered customers/ drivers
  • Detail view of driver ride histories