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Explainer Video

Explainer videos are more than sufficient to explain your business, projects and services. It let you share your business idea to the world. We at Scientific have experienced team of professionals which include expertise in different fields i.e., from great story teller to voice artists and the frame creators.

How we work?

The process of creating an Explainer video went through different stages. Let us go through our way of creating your explainer video.


Research and Discover

Initially our team look after the audience market trend research. After studying the market trends and needs the next step includes brainstorming. We share the detailed report regarding our findings and how we will make them come together with our clients.

Script or Story

We have the great story teller who are capable of fitting your brand messages into videos.


Perfect Voice

We have male and female voice artists who can speak different languages fluently. We share all the voice overs with our clients for review before confirming it for production.

Story boards Revisions

An initial draft of storyboard includes writing and visuals along with character modelling, environment design, colour branding with company specific images and icons.


Animation and Production

Our animator crafts the frame to perfectly fit the video once the script and voice over are approved by client.

Sound Effects and Editing

Our editors add the audio to each video and then wok on the editing part accordingly.

Delivery and Promotions

Once the videos are completed, we will deliver it in HD quality and 25+ promotional channels are more than capable of promoting your ideas in targeted market.

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