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School Bus Tracking Application


School bus tracking app- A helping hand of parents

Being a parent is not an easy task along with happiness it brings many responsibilities with it. And these responsibilities remain with parents whole life. The responsibilities include not only caring of their child but also provide the items that their child need.   As a parent no one compromises with the safety of their child. In the morning when kids go to their school bus stand, not any parents wants that their kids have to wait so long for the bus or they are coming late from school because of any unfortunate incident with the bus. But with the help school bus tracking application provide all the information about the bus to parents so that they can easily track the bus route and can estimate in how much time kids will reach. With the help of this app now students don’t have to wait so long on the bus stands, now they can simply track the bus and app also gives estimated time for the arrival of the bus.   The school bus tracking app creates a connection between parents and school bus driver. The app helps parents by indicating them correct time of arrival, which reduces waiting time of parents. The Benefits of...

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School Bus Tracking App: A Must-Have for Every School.

Our primary concern is the safety of school going kids. For every parent, their child means the world to them and no one wants to compromise their safety. According to recent survey results, about 65 percent of accidents involving school children are related to incidents involving school transports.   Therefore, to keep the record of your child’s whereabouts we at Scientific Webs designed and developed a School Bus Tracking Application: AGRAZ. For the safety of the school children from home to school and back! This system not only helps parent track the child’s location but also provide with the estimated time of arrival. Moreover, it allows them to set milestones for their convenience and help reduce the waiting time at the stop.   Unlike other complicated and expensive application integrated with heavy devices such as RFID, GPS. AGRAZ is a simple and easy to use application which is only linked with your Smartphone, no additional device required. The application consists of Parent, Driver and School Modules for the proper information flow between the school, driver and parent.   The School Bus Tracking Application has numerous benefits:   Ensures Safety: It takes safety as a responsibility and keeps parent updated about their child’s whereabouts, delays, picks up and drop-off...

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